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Budapest Victoria Hotel
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COVID-19 Policy

Dear Guests!

As we will welcome all of you back to our hotel from all around the world, we would like to make sure you arrive to a clean and safe envinronment! We are comitted to providing you with a very hygenic and safe place. With the help of our experts and partners we are currently working on to prevent any infections regarding the COVID-19 virus. We are continuously monitoring the situation in the hotel and also around the world to make sure everyone will be safe during their stay. Please see our newly introduced safety measurements.

  • Regarding the public spaces such as the reception / lobby, the breakfast area and the Jenő Hubay Music Hall, we are going above and beyond our normal cleaning protocols. We are cleaning all of the surfaces with increased frequency with the help of our cleaning experts who are working with special equipment and disinfectants dedicated against the COVID-19 virus.
  • We installed multiple hand sanitizer machines at the breakfast area and in the lobby. Moreover, the guests will receive a package including masks and hand sanitizers.
  • Different signs will remind the guests to keep the social distancing protocols in order to ensure both the guests and our associates safety. At the reception we have added a special plexiglass partition in order to add an extra level or precaution.
  • We are using special cleaning equipment such as electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel.
  • In guest rooms, we have elevated our very strict protocols to thoroughly clean all surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • We are continously testing our associates in order to make sure the virus is not present in the hotel.
  • Should you feel ill or you would encounter any symptoms of the virus please immediately contact one of our staff members and we will help you.

On behalf of the whole staff and partners, we sincerely hope we can welcome you in our hotel soon!

Best wishes,
The Boutique Hotel Victoria Budapest**** team